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$1 Million Bribe Allegation: Play the tape or ‘go way you’ … Barker-Vormawor in credibility crisis

Oliver Barker-Vormawor, Convenor of FixTheCountry Movement, has not been able to explain why he is keeping to himself hardcore empirical evidence which proves that in 2021, the Minister for National Security, Minister for Finance, and a top Military General offered to bribe him with an amount of a whopping $ 1 Million so that he stops his anti-Government activism.

Oliver Barker-Vormawor says he rejected the said bribe offer because he is a good citizen and believes he should defend Ghana through his activism.

Mr. Barker-Vormawor tells the story of how he secretly recorded everything that transpired at the said meeting with the two Ministers and the Army General and has that the bribery attempt captured on a tape which he has kept to himself since 2021 but would soon make it public.

Barker-Vormawor has however not made the said tape available; he has also not reported the corrupt act to commence investigations, arrest and prosecution of the said top Government officials but he has simply thrown out the supposed bribery allegation into the public domain without backing it with any substance of evidential value.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of National Security and a rising number of well-meaning-Ghanaians have dared Mr. Barker-Vormawor to make the said evidence available and stop keeping or hiding evidence of corruption.

The Ministry of National Security has described the allegations as false and says it is an attempt by Barker-Vormawor to hoodwink Ghanaians.

An official statement from the Ministry acknowledged that the “Ministers for National Security, and Finance, and other relevant stakeholders, in 2021, engaged the convenors of the Fix the Country Movement to listen to their concerns,” but it stated, “emphatically that no offer of money or appointment was made to persuade the group to end its ‘activism’.”

The statement has challenged Barker-Vormawor to back his claim with evidence.

Among the rising number of Ghanaians that have questioned the credibility of Barker-Vormawor, is Enam Akoetey, a Sustainability, Climate and Social Innovation Advisor.

“If you are saying that a lot of people called you to say that don’t publish something, the question is if you are a person that is value-driven, would you listen to them or say –I hear what you are asking me to do but it is the wrong thing so I am going to defy you and publish?. So why would it take him two to three years for him to publish this audio?” Enam Akoetey queried when she spoke with Joy FM.

Other have also taken to social media to tell Barker-Vormawor to put out his evidence or simply shut up.

In his defense, Barker-Vormawor, has insisted he has the said tape recording to prove that truly, he was offered a bribe amount of $1 Million but he rejected the amount.  He has promised to make the tape available soon.

In his new narrative, Barker-Vormawor says he was the only person from his FixTheCountry Movement at that meeting with the Ministries of Security and Finance.

Initially when Barker-Vormawor threw out his allegation, the narration was that he was at the said meeting with members of his group.

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