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2021 Goal: Miss Deborah Oduro launches 3 new businesses towards youth empowerment


Founder of Dusaf  Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization, Miss Deborah Oduro number one priority in the year 2021 was to see to the empowerment of youth sustainability and indeed she is making permanent approach towards the development.

She has in just about two months since the beginning of the year launched 3 new businesses towards the motive – and with having the ‘can-do’ mindset, belief with hard work and determination, she is working towards the individual and collective goals of majority of youths.

It is her belief that everyone was created by God with a special grace and ability to prosper and excel in life and that with the right and enabling environment, even a pauper can become a billionaire.

The 3 businesses are DEBBYQUEEN PRODUCTIONS where everything about busíness branding takes place,  De-NYHIRABA Mart – an online shopping Mart and DEBLICIOUS SHITO – which pulls 10 percent of every transaction into her NGO to build amenities for the needy in all part of the country.

The initiative seeks to make sure that all persons working and schooling in all parts of Ghana have what it takes to compete favorably with their contemporaries anywhere in the world and as well in an atmosphere of unity and with a common goal for all to prosper and develop in freedom.

According to her, the importance of the initiative is of the understanding that entrepreneurship is a vital component of economic growth and development, and has been globally embraced as an important driver of economic transformation for especially youths.

About Deborah Oduro

Deborah Oduro is the Chief visionary Driver of DebbyQueen Group who is poised to change the world through her entrepreneurial skills. She is a philanthropist,  event coordinator and a marketer  as well as an MC and hosts her own Entrepreneurship/ Lifestyle Talkshow amongst others.

She is the founder of Dynamic United Stars Africa Foundation, known as DUSAF, an NGO which seeks to help the needy in society by eradicating poverty in Ghana and beyond through the provision of foods, physical needs healthcare and infrastructure.

The Ngo have over the years helped provide quality education and many more to help improve the life of citizens of Ghana, Africa and the world at large.

DUSAF has come a long way and has undergone lots of life changing projects in light of helping the needy in the society.

In 2020, DUSAF as part of their efforts to help change lives, feed lots of people on the street during the pandemic (Covid-19) and continue to help put smiles on the less privilege.

DUSAF has been acknowledged by several institutions because of the good works it has done and would do to help mother Ghana.


She was honored in 2020 at the Ghana Outstanding Women Awards (Gowa) for her humanitarian works as young philanthropist in the fight against Covid-19. As well as won several awards for her tremendous works.

Speaking in connection to the gains, she said “CONSISTENCY IS THE POWER TO KEEP YOU GOING. IF YOU ARE CONSÍSTENT AND NO ONE CLAPS FOR YOU, KEEP GOING TILL YOU GAIN THAT CLAP FOR YOURSELF; The key is not the WILL to WIN, everybody has that. It is the WILL to prepare to WIN that is important. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. DUSAF always allow our unique awesomeness and positive energy inspire confidence in others. Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, we always bring out our own sunshine. If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining and that’s what DUSAF NGO stands for.

“We help the needy shine bright like stars wherever we find ourselves. Want to use this opportunity to thank God almighty for bestowing on me a great mission to lead my members to impact lives. Both members and our associate partners have been amazing ensuring we go out there and carry out successful projects and am grateful.”

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