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27 Things Guys Dislike About Ladies



“Flicking their hair around. Touching their hair. Putting it up and then down again.”

“Standing on their toes to reach something. Something about that pose just gets the blood flowing.”

“Adjusting her skirt by wiggling the waist up a little. That little movement is guaranteed to draw my eyes and make me to do a silent ‘Ooohh….’”

“My girlfriend swears to the high heavens she’s not attractive with bedhead. I personally think she’s at her most attractive with bedhead. The PJ look (all comfy no style, no fucks about appearance) is, for some reason, top-tier attractiveness.”

“I would guess that they know they’re doing it, but if a girl comes to bed in one of my button-down dress shirts and no pants it is about to be on like motherfucking Donkey Kong. Drives me bonkers in the best way.”

“Using me as a radiator in bed. Touching my tattoos in a soft way like just tracing the outlines so that I can just barely feel it.”

“Touching my chest. This can melt me into a ball of goo.”

“Looking at me and biting her bottom lip with those eyes. It makes me feel like I’m a steak, and she’s going to stop at nothing to devour me. That little smile she makes when I catch her looking at me like that is enough to push me over the edge…”

“Comfy/sweat pants, T-shirt/sweatshirt, casual, hair in a ponytail. Sometimes it can be unnervingly attractive. On some level it communicates: ‘I am just like you. I like to be comfortable.’”

“This girl I know does this thing where we’ll all be hanging out having a group conversation, and she’ll be talking to someone else but she’ll be making eye contact with me.”

“When they kinda bend forward in their chair and arch their backs a little to closer pay attention to what is in front of them, hnnnng …”

“Pleading eyes.”

“Sighing or groaning. Especially when they’re near me. Its like a little teaser of what sounds they might make in bed.”

“Lip-biting and eyebrow-raising pretty much make me hard. Catching eye contact with someone who was looking at you is also pretty good.”

“When they’re embarrassed or really excited.”

“When they get slightly mad. I find that super-cute.”

“When they wake up and are extremely lost-looking while being wrapped up in blankets. Like you live in the arctic, but cuter.”

“I love it when my GF plays with my hair. Except I’m also paranoid because I’m losing it in spades.”

“Stretching. And I don’t mean bending-over yoga poses, I mean regular arm/back stretches. Those have been getting me since 6th grade (which is why I don’t think they’re at all aware of it, like they might be about other ‘subtle’ things).”

“Whenever they rub/scratch your back. It’s like the best feeling everrrr, and then they run their hands through your hair, gotta be the best feeling ever.”

“When a woman looks up at me, it makes me feel like I want to protect her while that curious look makes me wonder: ‘What can I teach her to rock her world or corrupt her?’ It is probably the doe eyes, just giving off the illusion of being naive or innocent.”

“Swearing. Going off on a tangent about random shit. Making dirty jokes/not jokes (e.g. “Suck my ass”). More specifically, me and my GF will just get into tangents where we continually call each other worse and worse names until one person hesitates or can’t think of something, then the other one wins. It’s great. I’ve always been a vulgar, angry person, so it’s always turned me on when someone does the same.”


“Peeing with the door open.”

“I always loved to watch my ex-girlfriend reach for something high up and she’d get on her tippy-toes. It’s so damn adorable.”

“Tying up their hair in a simple but messy manner, with the hair clip clasped in their teeth. That floors me.”

“There’s a girl I know that sits with her legs pulled to her chest with her arms wrapped around them, then rests her head on her knees and smiles at me when we’re talking. I forget whatever it was that I was talking about every time.”

“Watching a girl when they are passionate. When they are really into a hobby or a certain subject and they rant about it, I find it adorable. I love seeing girls really invested in something and I find it amazingly attractive.”

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