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34-Year-Old Seeks $24,000 to Undergo Kidney Transplant


34-year-old Ernest Opoku Gyau, is appealing for funds from the public to undergo a kidney transplant in India.

Ernest, until he was diagnosed with the disease, worked as a foreman of a construction firm, but has spent all his savings on weekly dialysis.

He has been diagnosed with Stage V kidney failure, and undergoes two dialysis sessions every week.

His sister has volunteered to donate one of her kidneys to him, but he needs to raise $24,737 to cater for his travel, accommodation, feeding, and treatment in India.

Ernest Opoku Gyau

In a letter copied to, he said;

“I need US$24,737. This will cater for treatment and transplant amounting to US$18,500; US$153 for visas, US$2,550 flights, US$2,660 for accommodation and US$874 for meals for, my sister who will be donating her kidney and my cousin who will be traveling with us as an attendant while we undergo the transplant.”

“Your financial support will be dearly appreciated. Please give towards saving my life.”

“Any funds not spent will be donated to a charity helping people with kidney failure like me in Ghana. May God bless you as you donate to change my life for the better and as you keep me in your prayers.”

Below are letters of confirmation of his condition and cost of treatment:

Letter from the Labone Dialysis Center confirmed that Ernest has been forced to reduce the frequency of the dialysis due to financial challenges.

All assistance can be offered to Ernest by calling 0244-643205 or emailing

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