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4 Unique ways hopeful romantics love differently


There’s a stigma around hopeless romantics and the way they love. But what about hopeful romantics?

Hopeless romantics are defined as caring and loving people. They believe in happily ever after and true love’s kiss. None of these are bad traits to have. When we find our partner for life, I think we all believe in happily ever after.

But the idea of being a hopeless romantic makes it seems like we’ve struck out on luck. There’s a sense of naivete that comes from being this type of lover. This is why I’ve devoted my time to changing the narrative and becoming a hopeful romantic.

1. Hopeful romantics are optimistic when it comes to love (but can get hurt easily).

Hopeful romantics are everything that the hopeless embody except they have a sense of realism. They’re optimistic when it comes to love but also understand what it means to be ghosted.

They get too excited about the first date because they love the idea of meeting someone new. A hopeful romantic sees first dates as the start of an adventure. They’re always excited about going out because there is so much that can unfold from a span of one night.

These type of people are also OK with waiting for the right one to come around. They know their worth and won’t settle for just anyone to sweep us off our feet. They want someone who will put in the work, effort and investment into a relationship. If that means turning down dates and waiting for that someone then we will do just that.

2. A hopeful romantic will love a person with an intensity that is unmatched by anyone else.

They’re the type of friend to gas you up when you need a hype-man. If you’re not feeling your outfit even if you look bomb as heck, your hopeful romantic friend will make sure that you don’t feel anything less than spectacular when you leave the house.

They only want to see you happy and excited about life. They’re dedicated and passionate, particularly with their romantic partners.

3. A hopeful romantic’s philosophy is if you have only this one life to live, then live it was as much gusto as possible.

They’re the type of partner to always hold on to a relationship, even if it’s not the best for us. Breaking up is never easy, and for a hopeful romantic it’s the hardest thing to do. It’s so difficult for them to conceptualize a break up that they will latch onto whatever they can salvage from the relationships and try to bring their partners everything on a silver platter. Even if what their partner wants is no longer them.

4. Hopeful romantics don’t know when to quit

They’re hopeful that one day things will go back to the day they loved us. People don’t understand why they do this. There are days I can’t quite put a finger on why I just can’t let it go. Knowing the type of romantic I am, I know that every relationship has its reason. I have to believe that, otherwise the ups and downs wouldn’t be worth it.

No matter the heartache though, hopeful romantics will go through it again and again if it means one day, they will find the love of their life. They believe in the power of love too much to simply give up on it.

They remain optimistic that every relationship, no matter how fleeting, only brings them closer to their one person.


Source: Your Tango

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