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5 Gifts To Give A Good Man


Men deserve good gifts too. Many go a long mile to get the perfect gift for their spouse and sadly, get the worst gifts in return. We already have a damaging culture in Nigeria where many females feel that men should get minimal or zero gifts. If you want to make your man feel special, it is important to invest not only with your time but with your money.

A Watch Is Always Timeless

I don’t need time, says no one ever. This is also a thoughtful gift as he will never run late again (hopefully). Look for something bold. I like leather straps with a coloured face. He will remember when he looks at his watch, which is very often.

Bag It

Almost all men will appreciate a solid leather travel bag for the office. It has to be something his laptop, wallets, pockets, phone, note pad and pens fill in. This way he avoid losing things. It makes life easier for him as he moves from one place to the other as a commuter.

Fashionable Sweater

You can’t go wrong with a sweater. Give him the deserved warmth. Remember, it is also very fashionable that he can use it to spice up his outfits on Fridays. And make sure you are not tempted to steal it from him to wear yourself.

A Cologne

Except you are dating a bush man, a cologne is always perfect. You don’t want an overpowering scent but be sure it is distinctive. Go extra and look for something that makes him feel strong and soft at the same time.

A Solid Wallet

A wallet is a practical gift, it says go and make money. Something sleek and bold is always an added advantage. If it is top quality, he will use it for a long time. Spicen thing up by putting a tiny photo of yourself.

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