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5 Reasons Why You Must Attend Builder’s Camp 2022

As an individual, there’s a time in life where you have to manifest or there must be a manifestation in your life.

These are some reasons why you have to be present at Builder’s Camp 2022:

1. The camp is a gathering of individuals from all walks of the world especially youths. You get to connect with individuals from different denominations where you get to learn things including their way of worship.

2. It’s a power packed camp meeting. There are great and powerful Men Of God coming to teach the word of God, pray and deliver individuals in attendance of curses, family altars, among others.

3. Pray excessively with young men and women of God. Builders are powerful prayerful young people. How about you come and reactivate your prayer life with the builders.

4. Give you time away from home to reflect on God and life. Builder’s Camp is a place where you can be for 3 things away from home and anyone/anything troubling you to reflect on God and your life.

5. Your Manifestation is assured. Builder’s Camp is a place to encounter Jesus. Have you been praying too long without receiving an answer? Are you troubled about things not going on well in your life? Do you seem to be tired in life? Then your Manifestation is here come to Builder’s Camp 22 and receive your Manifestation. Your season of Manifestation is here. Come and MANIFEST.

Register via link below:

Or contact 0249834004 / 0233733444

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