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5 Things Men Think Women Care About But Really Don’t


First of all, this list was compiled by my sister and business partner who asked twelve of her female friends to contribute.

Bottom line is, if a woman is really interested in you, the issues below we discuss, may be nice to have but they’re definitely not a NEED to have.

Here are 5 weird, funny, and casual things men think we care about, but we actually don’t:

Extra Pounds

It seems there are two types of guys: those who are super confident about themselves despite being bold, obese, or feeble, and those who start freaking out over those few extra pounds they’ve gained during winter. Well, guys, we’ll let you in on a little secret – we couldn’t care less! In fact, we care about our own extra weight much more than we do about men’s! Plus, some extra pounds only make a guy look and feel cuddlier.

If He’s Brave or Not

We believe that it’s time to ditch the ‘White Knight’ syndrome and let it rest once and for all. Male (often absurd) bravery has been glamorized long enough in the media, leading many guys to believe that’s exactly how they should act to impress a lady. Well, some women are doing a pretty good job of taking care of themselves on their own, while others can even save a few damsels in distress themselves (thanks, Diana Prince). It’s not necessary to play Batman or Superman in a dangerous situation, it will only put you in harm’s way!

How Much Money He Makes

You can be a king and have tons of gold hidden in your closet, but that doesn’t really mean anything when it comes to personality and those other qualities that make women fall for guys. Of course there are gold diggers who don’t even consider dating a man who earns less than Mark Zuckerberg, but the rest of us women don’t really care if you earn less than we do. After all, we are living in a modern world and not everything revolves around money.

Taste in Music

Some guys really think that women wouldn’t date them because of their taste in music. It’s the weirdest thing ever! Of course, it’s cool when people have similar taste regarding what they listen to in their spare time, but it’s such a subjective thing that you can’t simply make your relationships depend on it. You also don’t have to be paranoid about not liking all the music your girl listens to, or vice versa. Just chill!

Whether He Works Out a Lot

It’s good if you like to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself fit, but it’s not the best idea to start bragging about it to impress the woman you’re dating. Everyone has that one CrossFit friend who makes daily posts about his gym regimen, while taking photos of a special diet that will make him or her super thin in no time, so we don’t really want to hear all that from you, too. Especially on a date! If you’re in good shape, we’ll notice that for sure.

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