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9 signs that you are in the wrong relationship


Whenever you enter a relationship, your friends and family ask you various questions about how do you feel about that person or how do you even know they are right for you. You generally answer it by saying that you can just feel that they are right, you think there is an understanding etc.

On the surface, you may feel that you have a perfect relationship but sometimes the signs are subtle and cannot be seen so easily. You need to save yourself from such mistakes. So, here we have 9 signs that you are in a bad relationship:

1. Flakiness

Do you know that one person who never answer their phone, always show up late, or often cancels the plan? Those kinds of people make you mad and give you a hard time. You don’t feel like getting along with them so why would you be in a relationship with such a person? If someone finds something as important then they don’t make excuses. They prioritize and arrange things accordingly. They would do anything to spend time with a person they like. So if your partner always leaves you alone, then its time that you leave them.

2. Difficult To Trust

Trust is one of the most important parts of any relationship. If you want that person to be an integral part of your life, you must be able to trust them and they should trust you. But there are some people who are very difficult to trust. No matter how much you try or how many chances you give, the other person always fails to win your trust.

This kind of relationship is going to give you a lot of headaches. And it is possible that you won’t be able to enjoy any moment to the fullest. So try to either sort things out with them or leave.

3. Sharing

Whenever you are in a place where you want to share something with someone, is that someone your partner? If not, then why? When you have any news whether big or small, do you feel like sharing with them? They should be the first one to come in your mind. Do they never seem excited about your things and that’s why you don’t tell them? Such kind of people should not exist in your life. A perfect partner is the one with whom you can share anything, anytime you want and you don’t feel like thinking twice.

4. Family Drama

Most people face the family drama from at least one side, so this is not a serious issue to break-up but it can be a strong sign of understanding the other person. Like, if their family looks perfectly fine to you and there are no such big issues but still your partner is not able to maintain the relationship then it says a lot about them. And if their family doesn’t really like you, so you will always be stuck in some kind of awkward situation. Are you ready to handle that? Give it a thought.

5. You Imagine Being With Someone Better

When you are in a relationship, most of your attention is focused on that person. You try everything to make things better. But if you still keep thinking that there is a possibility of someone being better out there for you then it definitely says a lot about your suffering. These thoughts can also be temporary and it’s normal to get distracted. But what if this thing bothers you all the time? Then it may be a sign that you are not happy and either you fix the things or you start finding someone new.

6. They Keep Struggling With Mental Problems

We all have had different experiences in life and we all learn different things from them. But when a person holds on to their struggles and don’t let them go, then it causes a lot of problem for them and the people around. If you are in a relationship with a person who doesn’t let go of the negative feelings then you need to help them change their attitude.

If they keep crying about the same things again and again then that’s their choice but do you choose to be with them? Are you ready to get emotionally drained with them?

7. They Bring Out Your Worst Side

Do your friends and family tell you that you have changed? Do you feel frustrated and irritated all the time? Do you feel unproductive? Then these are definitely not good signs as they are bringing out the worst in you. If you are not growing in a relationship, are not stable but instead deteriorating as a person then it’s a matter of worry for you. You must choose and stick with what’s good for you. Such kind of relation brings a downfall for both the partners which will eventually lead to unhappiness. Either change yourself or your partner’s view towards life to grow together.

8. They Aren’t Committing

Do they have a commitment issue? Do you think they are not ready for a relationship or is it you who have these problems? Getting ‘committed’ sounds big and it is actually a huge thing but then if you aren’t ready to take that step, are you even ready for the relationship at all?

The truth is, if they want to commit, then they will. If they don’t, then there’s nothing you can do to force it. Don’t ignore this. It’s one of the plainest signs of a bad relationship. If they aren’t committing, then it could be because they aren’t afraid of losing you. Sure, they may enjoy the time you spend together, but they enjoy keeping their options open more. You shouldn’t have to question whether you’ll have a future with someone.

9. You Just Feel It In Your Gut

One of the biggest sign of being in a bad relationship is that you feel it in your gut. If you feel that there is something wrong then there definitely is. Our feelings are the sign of the universe and we must not ignore them. We might feel scared of accepting our feelings but it definitely should be taken into consideration.

Think about what you’re missing with the right person. The more time you spend with someone who isn’t right for you, then the more time it takes away from the person who is. Trust your intuition, always.

We know that most of you will find a few signs in your relationship. That doesn’t mean that you need to end it right away. Give it a little time and efforts and then make your decision.


Source: Women’s era

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