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9 Things that reveal how your partner truly feels about you

1. Eye contact

The eyes reveal a lot. If your partner finds you special, you will get lots of eye contact, you will be stared at because you’re getting all the attention, you will feel looked at, desired, attractive, searched out, there will be this fire, this affectionate look. But if your partner has become too familiar with you, is bored with you, feels superior to you; you will get a condescending look. Just by studying the eyes, you can tell your partner is mad at you.

2. The tone of the voice

Don’t just listen when you are being told ‘I love you’, pay attention to the tone when those three words are spoken. How does your partner talk to you? In a harsh way? Does he/she talk with you or at you? Can you sense resentment? Or is the tone warm, peaceful, non-combative? No matter how much we try to hide, the voice reveals how we feel towards someone.

3. Touch

When you feel strongly for someone, you will become touchy. Humans have touch sensations because it’s part of how we relate. When your partner feels close to you, he/she will not keep hands off you. You will be touched on your elbow, waist, hands, fingers.

4. How much time the person spends with you

We allocate time to what is of value to us. If your partner feels deeply about you, your partner will long to spend time with you. But if your partner is indifferent towards you, is tired of you, finds you unpleasant; your partner will avoid you or even make excuses not to be with you.

5. The condition your partner leaves you in

When your partner cares for you, he/she will not part with you when you are not well. He/she will not hang up the phone call when your heart is broken, he/she will not leave the house with you feeling hurt, he/she will not leave your presence until you feel better. But a partner who doesn’t care for you anymore will not care about your feelings, he/she will hang up the phone as you suffer pain, he/she will end the day abandoning you in your hurt, he/she will leave the house with your heart broken and unattended to.

6. How much value your partner gives to you your opinion

A partner who thinks highly of you will seek your thoughts on issues, he/she will not push you away or silence you.

7. The quality of the kiss

You can’t fake a kiss. You cannot be mad or thinking negatively about your partner and give your partner an amazing kiss. A kiss will tell you if things between you two have changed or everything is well.

8. How you are treated after sex

The pursuit of sexual pleasure can make your partner treat you so good even during a long period of animosity between you two. He/she will treat you special so that you fulfill those pleasures but will you get special treatment after? How someone treats you when sex is not part of the goal or equation reveals their true feelings.

9. How you are treated during storms

The words and deeds from your partner when you do wrong, when things get tough, when you ask for help, when you do something embarrassing, when the world is against you, when you hit rock bottom best demonstrates your place in your partner’s heart. Fake friends abandon you when things get tough, so does a fake partner.


Source: Capital FM

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