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About 90% of excessive drinkers have fatty liver diseases


In this week’s edition of Vodafone Healthline, Physician Specialist and Gastroenterologist, Dr Amoako Duah, highlighted the negative effects of alcohol on the liver.

Mr Duah said most persons who drink alcohol excessively stand the risk of having complications with their liver.

“One primary cause of the fatty liver disease is alcohol. About 90 per cent of persons who drink excessively have fatty liver disease.”

He explained that persons with other diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and hypertension could also have complications with their liver.

In the Myth Busters section, medical practitioners discussed whether the vagina could remain stretched permanently after childbirth.

Cardiologist Aba Folson explained that although there are no significant changes to the vagina after childbirth, a few pelvic exercises could help return the vagina to “near-normal”.

“Usually, because the vagina is an elastic tissue, it stretches and comes back to near normal. If you put in the effort to exercise, tone those muscles and strengthen the pelvic floor after delivery, your anatomy can return to near normal,” she explained.

The touching story of Jayden Kweku Annan, a little boy whose genitals and anus failed to develop from birth, is featured in this week’s episode.

Jayden’s penile shaft and testicle were absent at birth, compelling him to pass urine and faeces from one opening.

Although Jayden went through several surgeries to correct his situation, he still had complications.

“When we went back to the doctor, we informed him of the severe pain the boy goes through, and we pleaded with them to do something about it. They then stated that would need an amount of money to do a surgery to correct the situation,” his mother recalled.

It took Vodafone’s help for Jayden to undergo the last surgery that enabled him to pass urine and faeces normally.

Jayden’s mother and grandmother were immensely grateful for Vodafone’s financial intervention.

“I thank Vodafone for offering to help. God bless them, and may they keep on helping other unfortunate children with disabilities to bring them relief.”

Finally, the ‘This Week in Medicine’ segment told the intriguing story of Sanju Bhagat, a man whose twin lived inside him for 36 years.

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