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A Nation That Prays Together, Stays Together


Ghana united in prayer yesterday, Sunday January 7, 2017 to mark the 25 anniversaries of the country’s 4th republic and it was a beautiful spectacle at the venue, the Independence Square in Accra.

Top hierarchy of the country’s clergy fraternity both from Christian and Islamic circles took turns to lead the country’s leaders in prayers at the function attended by the President Nana Akufo-Addo and his three predecessors; former Presidents Jerry John Rawlings, John Kufuor and John Mahama.

The all-white thanks giving service was also attended by Vice President Dr. Bawumia, top government officials, leadership of Parliament and the Judiciary members of the Council of State, Chiefs and traditional leaders, security capos, the diplomatic community and persons from all walks of life.

Though there were diverse religious representations at the service, there was unity of purpose even in that diversity and it was heartwarming to have the leadership of all political parties at the event.

Once again, this togetherness is worth commending and projecting.

To have political leaders from different parties coming together to be led in prayers by traditional, Islamic and Christian leaders at a one function certainly sends the right signals of unity.

That was a beautiful Ghana at work and on display. That was a nice image of Ghana worth selling to the world. A thriving democracy in Africa where people put their religious and political differences aside and unite to give thanks to for 25 years of multi-party democracy.

A few cynics may ask what was there to be grateful for after 25 years of democratic governance in a country that still has high unemployment rates and major economic challenges.

THE PUBLISHER begs to differ. We believe there are many reasons to be grateful. We believe our democratic achievement is uncommon I our sub region. We believe when we count our blessings one by one as a country, we would be grateful to God for what He has done for us.

A failure to appreciate, celebrate and trumpet our democratic laurels and political stability could make the up and coming ones take it for granted and therefore slack in defending it as we ought to.

Perhaps, we have enjoyed political stability and a peaceful democratic governance for soo long a time that we are beginning to take it for granted.

It is not something we should ignore. We are all aware of how other countries have had it wrong and not been able to achieve our type of success.

We commend ourselves as a country, we commend our political leaders and we commend our traditional and religious leaders as well as our civil society and vibrant media that have worked in unison to make us reach where we are today and most importantly with hope of a future with brighter prospects.

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