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A Year-Old At The Bar: Expectations And Realities

Indeed, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. It feels like I was enrolled onto the roll of lawyers in Ghana just yesterday. Here I am today, recounting and sharing my expectations and realities this far.

One thing that was very clear to me was that many raised eyebrows about how I was going to flourish in this profession, particularly with the management of clients, preparing for a case, making convincing advocacy which is supported by relevant decided cases, and all other things that come with it.

I could not just wait to become the person I had imagined or dreamt of, that is, becoming a lawyer! I kept imagining how good I was going to look in the wig and gown and making my family, friends and community proud.

The journey that lay ahead after being called to the bar was the least of my worries. I was just living in the moment and celebrating my victory. Little did I know the task ahead was herculean if indeed I wanted to be a lawyer of substance. But of course, I was not ready to accept being a lawyer just for prestige but for one who would make a positive impact, leave a legacy and inspire others.

To be honest, it has not been all rosy and indeed, I have never thought it would be. Embracing the challenges and psyching myself up for the task ahead is what has brought me this far.

Pupillage began just a week after I was called to the bar and I still remember my first advocacy in court as to whether to address the judge with “with the greatest of respect” or “may it please your Lordship” since both kept running through my mind and I kept wondering which one would best please the judge.

With respect to the good and bad moments I have experienced in court as a lawyer, there were days where I had applications before a court and was confident those applications would be granted but turned out to be otherwise. Such moments got me wondering and questioning myself throughout the day as to what really went wrong. On the flip side, there were times where the rulings went in my favour and I could see the satisfaction and comfort my clients had.

Today, I am officially a year old at the bar! I thank God for how far he has brought me and I have faith in how farther he will take me.

I am still learning and will continue to learn even after becoming a pupil master and after joining the bench.

Technology has indeed played a big role in facilitating my practice as a lawyer. With a speech software installed on my computer and other devices, access to information to analyze and advise my clients has become easier.

I am glad that another student with visual impairment, Daniel Nkrumah, Esq. was called to the bar a few weeks ago and I am optimistic that gradually, we will witness more of these breakthroughs.

My profound gratitude goes to God Almighty for the journey this far and for the many more years to come in this journey. To my family, friends, lecturers and all who make up my life, thank you for your care and support. Also, I specially thank and appreciate my pupil master and mentor, Mr. B.B Simpson, Esq. and all colleagues at the firm for their immense support in chalking up this little success.


By Carruthers Tetteh, Esq.

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