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Abena Korkor names her favorite priority in life …calls Giovani a liar for denying sleeping with her


Media Personality Abena Korkor Addo has told Deloris Frimpong Manso in an exclusive interview on The Delay Show that sex remains one of her most priced priorities in life.

According to her, every week is an active week of sexual enjoyment for her when she’s in a stable relationship.

“For my symptoms, one of them is hyper sexuality – I just talk about my relationships with my girlfriends. One of my favorite topic is talking about relationship and sexual life, so it’s my everyday conversation, so when I have a rehab, it’s more like I go back to the same topic. So during such episodes, it has happen 3 times and anytime it happens, that’s where it goes to. It’s mainly about my relationship and sexual life in times like that.”

She added, “Everybody’s own is unique. Maybe I might say I’m the only person that vents on social media in times like that; maybe it’s also because I’m a social media addict. Whiles you’ll need someone to talk to in such season with no one around you; social media becomes the only place to speak out. February 2015 was the first time I was diagnosed with the disease – Bipolar disorder. I have become sex addict due to that, yes and there is nothing wrong with that. Every week is an active week for me when I’m in a stable relationship.”

TV3 Sack

Reacting to the reason why Media General sacked her, Abena said “It was not because of my naked video I posted on social media, because that same December naked pictures was used for a proposal show which they wanted me to host. Earlier I was told it had nothing to do with that, later they came to tell me I was sacked due to the videos and that, some brands had issue with it. I see it as they politely let me go and it was really a shock to me because I wasn’t doing anything bad to affect them. If I was able to do a photoshoot with same attires which was drafted for a proposal, how does the same thing in a video becomes a problem? They are not being straight forward with me.”

Giovani Lied

Abena Korkor further insisted that she had an affair with Giovanni Caleb.

According to her, Giovanni lied when he appeared on the same show weeks ago answering to questions about them.

She said he could have opted not to answer the question adding that, she wasn’t aware Giovanni was married when they were dating.

“Seriously I didn’t want him [Giovanni] to had bring it up. He could have easily ignored that question. This a pre-recorded show, he could have asked for a deletion of that part. So I don’t know his intention by lying, what I had with him was nothing to write home about, it wasn’t even about dating. He could have just avoided the question, all this wouldn’t have happen. A lot of people watch Delay show so you can’t come and sit here, say something that is not true. It was just a fling; I didn’t even know he was a married man.”

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