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Abena Ruthy preaches against propaganda as MUSIGA Election approaches


Aspiring 2nd Vice President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Abena Ruthy has talked against propaganda that has been seen on a high speed by some people in the upcoming elections of MUSIGA.

According to her, creating a good image in the eyes of electorate by means of sending bad signals about a competitor needs to be talked against as MUSIGA is planning on its annual election which comes off on June 26 this year.

”One of the biggest problems with competitions and contests is propaganda. Instead of sending an actual message of your own, you try to make your competitor unpopular in the eyes of voters, in an attempt to win their hearts, and this behaviour is needless.

”Truly, we must be circumspect in our dealings, and not bury our integrity under lies because we’re thirsty for power. That only reveals our true aims, that we only seek to serve our own purposes, and not anyone else’s.” she said in an interview.

Explaining further, the President for Women in Gospel believes with one’s full support, commitment and active involvement in duties of the Union, there is no way propaganda is needed to wrench power from the opponent.

Abena Ruthy is an entrepreneur and contesting with Deborah Freeman for the 2nd Vice President position.

In the wake of this, she intends to use her expertise in the business field to help musicians to find their feet in the industry, to make the Union more attractive.

“My experience in advocacy, negotiations, communication and marketing makes me the right candidate for the 2nd Vice President position which has the core duty of taking up special initiatives as directed by the President or the National Executive,” she indicated.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Incredible Cleaning and Trading Services has worked hard to lift the image of women in gospel music, and she believes with her experience she can help promote the image of MUSIGA when voted.

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