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Abramovich to Sell Chelsea for £1 Billion


Roman Abramovich will demand over £1 BILLION to sell Chelsea.

The Times says he would demand a staggering £1.17billion if he decided to sell Chelsea, report the Times.

The Russian has been barred from entering the UK after failing to obtain a visa.

Abramovich threw his Chelsea future in doubt after ripping up his plans for his £1bn Stamford Bridge revamp.

It’s understood he is not willing to commit a huge investment into the capital city of a nation where the government does not want to give him a visa.

But if he’s thinking of selling the club, he’ll bank a wedge.

He has already pumped in over £1bn since buying the London team for £140million in June 2003.

According to Forbes, Chelsea is the seventh most valuable club in the world worth £1.44bn.

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