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Academic City University holds cyber incident response and digital forensics lecture

In a ground-breaking collaboration between Threat Combat and Academic City University, an extraordinary event took place at the prestigious Technology and Entrepreneurship Centre.

The theme of the event, “Unravelling Cyber Incidents through Effective Incident Response and Comprehensive Digital Forensics Investigations,” set the stage for an enlightening and captivating experience. This remarkable public lecture and training session attracted a diverse audience of Computer Science students, esteemed faculty members, tech entrepreneurs, and representatives from the Ghana Fintech Association.

The morning commenced with an air of anticipation as participants gathered to explore the cutting-edge realm of cybersecurity. The event’s main speaker, Daniel Kwaku Ntiamoah Addai, a distinguished Cyber Forensics Analyst from Cyberteq Falcon Ltd, Ghana, took the stage to deliver an enthralling presentation titled “Optimizing Logging and Log Management to Enhance Visibility over Infrastructure and Aid Swift Response to Cyber Incidents”. With profound expertise and real-world insights, Mr. Addai provided invaluable knowledge on bolstering cybersecurity defences and fortifying infrastructure against evolving threats.

The line-up of guest speakers further enriched the event with their expertise and thought-provoking topics. Viola Adams, a seasoned cybersecurity, and digital forensics analyst at Cyberteq Falcon Ltd, Ghana, delved into the realm of “Strategic Cybersecurity for Tech Start-ups: Maximizing Protection with Limited Finances and Resources”. Her illuminating discourse shed light on how fledgling tech enterprises can safeguard their valuable assets amidst resource constraints.

The stage was then graced by Jade James, a Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Lecturer from the University of Westminster, UK. In an awe-inspiring presentation titled “Digitization and Digitized Crime: The Role of Digital Forensics Investigators in Unravelling Sophisticated Cybercrimes”. James elucidated the pivotal role digital forensic experts play in deciphering intricate cyber offenses.

The final speaker, Sonica D, a renowned Digital Forensics Examiner from the UK, commanded the audience attention with her insightful presentation on “Ensuring Compliance with Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Reporting Guidelines and Procedures.” Her expertise provided attendees with valuable insights into maintaining regulatory compliance and adhering to established best practices.

Throughout the event, the atmosphere buzzed with intellectual curiosity as participants posed thought-provoking questions to the esteemed speakers. The event’s success was further enhanced by the presence of partners such as JB Foundation, Kweku Tech, Ghana Fintech and Payment Association, Technova, and Paybox, all of whom contributed to the event’s prestige and significance.

The event’s coordination was masterfully orchestrated by Mr. Makafui Awuku, the Technology and Entrepreneurship Centre Manager, and Mr. Julius, the Computer Science Department Head, both esteemed members of Academic City University. Their tireless efforts ensured a seamless and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Mr. Daniel Kwaku Ntiamoah Addai, the visionary Founder of Threat Combat, spearheaded this remarkable endeavour.

Threat Combat which has become prominent force in cyber incident response and digital forensics, aims to bridge the skill gap in Ghana’s cybersecurity landscape.

Through advocacy, training, research, and ethical practices, Threat Combat is paving the way for professionals and students to excel in the realm of incident response and digital forensics.

The event’s organizers extend heartfelt gratitude to all participants, partners, coordinators, and speakers for their invaluable contributions to this momentous occasion. With their collective dedication and unwavering passion, they have taken a significant step towards revolutionizing cybersecurity in Ghana and beyond.

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