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Accra High School 1972 year group donates polytanks to alma mater


The 1972-year group of the Accra High School has donated two polytanks at the cost of GH¢70,000 to its alma mater, to provide constant flow of water to the student body as well as the pantry.

The donation forms part of the school’s 2022 homecoming organised by the 1972, 1982, 1997 and 2002 year groups, as a way of creating bonds among old students.

Due to Covid, the homecoming was put on hold for two years, with the old year groups coming together today November 19, 2022, to celebrate it.

Speaking with after donating the polytanks to the school, the President of the 1972-year group, Nukpai Francis Cato explained that, “we are the 1972-year group, we exited the school 50 years ago. As part of help to our alma mater, we decided to present 220,000 litres of polytanks to the school to help them in so many ways”.

Nukpai Cato advised the students to study very hard in order for the school to regain its category A status, which was an enviable school to many in the past.

“We are advising the students to study, we used to be a category A school, but now we are a category B school. We are asking that they learn hard so that we revert to the category A school. There are so many benefits that go with category A school, so all that we are pleading from them is to study,” he entreated.

Receiving the polytanks, the Headmistress of Accra High School, Madam Evelyn Sagbil Nabia expressed appreciation to the 1972-year group for the gesture.

“This is the 2nd polytank that the 1972-year group has donated to the school. As a headmistress, I would say I’m very happy. If they didn’t donate the polytanks, I would have had to find a way to get these particular polytanks, because they are critical. Water is critical for the usage of the students and also in the kitchen, so I’m very grateful,” the headmistress asserted.

Touching on the homecoming, she said, “for me, it’s very exciting, looking at the calibre of people who will leave the school and still think about the school out of love and come back. I’m just excited about the homecoming. I see the energy the year groups are coming in with. This is how we build old students to support their alma mater”.

The Main Coordinator of the 2022 homecoming, Nukpai Isaac Glover, explained that Accra High school is the oldest High school in the Greater Accra, Volta and Eastern regions.

He disclosed that the school will be celebrating its centenary anniversary in 2023 and called on the old students to gear up for the celebration.

“We expect the old students to enjoy themselves today, and feel the vibe of being an old student of Accra High School. And with that energy, we move to celebrate our 100 years anniversary. We need their commitment. We are the oldest High school in Greater Accra, Volta and Eastern regions. It’s our time to celebrate. We are expecting them to come together in their numbers to celebrate and prepare for their centenary celebration. Next year August 17, 2023, we will be 100 years, it will be a year-long grand celebration,” Nukpai Glover hinted.

Majority of the old students who participated in the homecoming were old students living in the Diaspora and Ghana.

The excited old students who participated in the homecoming engaged in some sporting activities such as sack race, football, eating and dancing competitions.

The old students, both old and young who were re-living their school days lives, were spotted pounding fufu, sharing food and creating jokes among themselves.

The school has four houses, namely Buckman (Red), Glover-Addo (Yellow), Roberts (Blue) and Nanka Bruce (Green).

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