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Actor suspended indefinitely for drug abuse

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has suspended Nollywood actor, Jerry Williams indefinitely for drug abuse.

In a statement released by the AGN’s national president, Emeka Rollas, the association said it had been monitoring Williams’ drug use since December last year.

The statement said Williams’ drug use had “gotten out of hand” and that he was now a danger to himself and other actors.

AGN in its statement said Williams had been allowed to seek treatment for his drug addiction, but that he had “defaulted on treatment.” As a result, the AGN said it had no choice but to suspend him indefinitely.

AGN said the suspension was “in the best interests of the guild and its members.” It said the AGN would continue to monitor Williams’ progress and would lift the suspension once he had completed treatment and was deemed to be drug-free.

Williams is a popular actor who has starred in several Nollywood films. He is known for his roles in action and thriller films.

The AGN’s decision to suspend Williams is a significant step in the fight against drug abuse in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

It sends a message that drug abuse will not be tolerated and that there are consequences for those who engage in it. The AGN’s decision is also a sign of the growing awareness of drug abuse in Nigeria.

As more and more people become aware of the dangers of drug abuse, we will likely see more organizations and individuals taking steps to address the problem.

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