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Adane Best: I made Ga language popular

Veteran highlife musician, Adane Best, real name Joseph Amoah, believes he has held the fort in churning out great Ga music for the past three decades and needs to be acknowledged for his contribution.

To the ‘Ayitey’ hitmaker, after music group Wolumei became inactive he has been very instrumental and till date his songs are still relevant.

According to Adane Best, it takes a talented musician to be this impactful and the Gas don’t joke with him because of the role he has played.

“I can proudly say that I made the Ga language popular through my music. Most of my songs are rendered in Ga and everybody loves it. There is no major Ga activity that I have not been booked to perform at. In fact, the Gas cherish me like gold and I don’t take that for granted”, he said.

Although his parents are not Gas and many think he should be doing Twi songs, Adane Best said he grew up with his grandfather who was living in Adedenkpo near Palladium in Accra. He explained that he spent most of his life with his grandfather and had no choice but to learn the Ga language.

Although Adane Best says the Gas cherish him a lot, he thinks it is not enough as a solo musician who has done this for 30 years and still active.

“I have been busy for the past years playing shows all over the world. The reason Nigerians are always ahead of us is because they cherish and acknowledge their veteran musicians. The 2 Face, The P- Squares are highly respected by their musicians and the entire country. Here in Ghana it’s about who has the biggest song at the moment and no one regards you if you don’t have that trending song. They easily forget the contribution you have made with your songs in the past,” he said.


Credit: Graphic Online

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