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Afia Schwar. Accuses Husband of Fraud


The very vocal and lousy TV and radio personality Afia schwar has taken Ex husband to the cleaners once again months after their divorce.

The diva in a very long Facebook post calls the once sweet lover boy a fraud for producing fake marriage documents and presenting an officiating pastor as the witness to the groom.

She went ahead to claim she prays everyday for his family and whole generation including his young daughter to be cursed forever for defrauding her.

The loud diva also threatened to sue the ex husband in court on Monday and warned him vehemently to stop mentioning her name ever again.


Kweku Amoako Abrokwah,listen to me very careful

With this document you and i know we were never legally married…there’s no where in this world that an officiating pastor can also be a witness to the groom,

The whole internet bares me witness that we got married on the 22nd of october and not 1st of November as this fake documents says…can u tell ur next interviewer why u couldn’t provide me a marriage certificate,how i got hold of this document and why i threw u OUT of my house!!!

Since this is how you want it..lets do it,can u swear by any gods if u were able to pay even a kobo to my family in the name of bride price?apart from that fake pearl chain u presented as a gift,Abrokwah swear with Antoa if u were able to buy me common pure water from the money i was giving You.

Dont push me,am just patiently waiting for the day the laws of this land will speak..And you will finally go HOME where no one will give you n your miserable family room to ride on my name.

I am warming you,your family , unborn generation n ancestors to desist from mentioning my name..
As you know i am a very prayerful woman and i pray everyday to God almighty to punish u and your generation for defrauding me and feeling like a hero over it.

I swear to God in heaven your daughter Neilia wont escape this curse in Jesus’s name.

I was never your wife,i returned your bride price(even though u brought none) weeks before u invaded my privacy.

Stop mentioning my names in ur liez before i drag your entire family to court..
I will not warn you again,see you in court on monday..we will continue this there…your wife my foot!!!!

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