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AGI Demands Speedy Passage of Oil Palm Authority Bill

The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) has charged government to fast track processes leading to the passage of the Oil Palm Authority Bill into law.

AGI’s call follows a resolution by the EU Parliament in April to phase out the use of vegetable oils including palm oil by 2020.

The AGI fears the development could lead to the dumping of such products in Africa hence the need to quickly pass the bill into law.

“…The Oil Palm Authority Bill which is pending approval by the government, we need to fast track the [approval] because Europe is banning the use of oil palm from 2020…yet 46percent of their consumption of bio-fuel is palm oil. They are looking at also banning it for food which means we are looking at all that palm oil being dumped into Africa,” said Fati Ali Mohammed, the vice chairperson for the Agric Sector and International Trade Relation Committee.

She further noted that “already, today we are suffering taking into account factories that are existing having…capacities not only to service Ghana but the western African region. This is going to hamper us.”

Source: StarrFMonline

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