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Akomaning Confirmed as DCE for Atiwa West Assembly


Whiles other districts and locality are rejecting President nomination of District Chief Executive to their respective areas, Atiwa West in the Eastern Region with its capital as Kwabeng, has approved the member announced by the President.

Mr Isaac Akomaning  Asamoah has officially being confirmed as the first  District Chief Executive(DCE) of the Assembly with a hundred per cent vote.
All the 25 members of the Assembly who were present at the special meeting at Kwabeng voted in favour of the nominee.

Earlier votes was adhere not in the favor of Mr Isaac Asamoah. The meeting was therefore adjourned for about an hour for further consultation before the Assembly reconvened for the second time to cast their vote.

Report indicates that, Minister for Roads and Highways and Member of Parliament for Atiwa West, reminded the Assembly Members that the Atiwa District Assembly establishment in 2004 had always confirmed the Presidential nominee on the first voting during every election from the existence  of it whether there were under the government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) or under the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He therefore urged the Assembly Members not to allow themselves to be recorded in the history of the Assembly as the first to reject a Presidential nominee for the position of the District Chief Executive.
He said when it came to development issues; Atiwa had always been united and urged the Members to consider the Presidential nominee.

The Eastern Regional Minister, Mr Eric Kwakye Darfour reminded the Assembly Members that they had a responsibility ‘on their hands’ because their District was where the President hailed from and they had to prove that they were ready to contribute to the development of the District by confirming the President’s nominee.

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