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Akwanor Family Releases Land For 1D 1F


The Akwanor Royal Family of Ashalaja has released a 40-acre piece of land to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to help put up a planned new District Assembly Block, the One District, One Factory project, schools and any structure that the new assembly wishes to put up.

Speaking on behalf of the family at a press conference, Mr. Adams Addy said the reason for the release of such a vast land is that, should the Local Government Ministry decide to split the current Ga South Municipal Assembly into two, the only place that government can have land for its projects without any litigation is Ashalaja.

He said the release of the land is the family’s contribution to government towards the realization of its dreams of putting up a new district assembly without any confrontation from land owners.

Nii Akwanor V noted that the Ga South Municipal Assembly catchment area is so large that a split is needed to trigger rapid development for the hundreds of communities in the area.

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