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All SSNIT Contributors Are Eligible to Receive Free NHIS Card

The Director-General of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), Dr. John Ofori-Tenkorang, has made a significant revelation, stating that all SSNIT contributors are eligible to receive a National Health Insurance (NHIS) card without any associated costs.

According to him, SSNIT contributors are not required to pay any premiums to gain access to NHIS enrolment. He emphasized that, in specific instances, contributors may be asked to cover a nominal administrative fee.

The Director-General of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust explained that the necessary premium expenditures have been shouldered by SSNIT itself.

Dr Ofori-Tenkorang further elaborated that the 11 percent monthly deduction from the earnings of SSNIT contributors have been earmarked to cover the NHIS premium, ensuring seamless access to healthcare services at no extra charge.

Dr Ofori-Tenkorang, as a reminder, urged all SSNIT contributors and new subscribers to advocate for their entitlements when registering for their NHIS cards. He stressed that the registration process for SSNIT contributors onto the NHIS registry is completely free of charge, and subscribers should assert their rights in alignment with this arrangement.

Furthermore, Dr Ofori-Tenkorang confirmed that SSNIT contributors are to be seamlessly integrated into the NHIS registry without incurring any fees. He encouraged SSNIT subscribers to consistently uphold these established protocols when registering for their NHIS cards.

The Director-General also highlighted specific benefits based on contributors’ years of service.

15 Years Contributors

Those who have faithfully contributed for 15 years are eligible for a premium coverage of 37.5 percent, while individuals with a commendable 35 years of contribution are entitled to an even more substantial premium coverage of 60 percent.

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is a statutory public Trust charged under the National Pensions Act, 2008 Act 766 with the administration of Ghana’s Basic National Social Security Scheme. Its mandate is to cater for the First Tier of the Three-Tier Pension Scheme. The Trust is currently the largest non-bank financial institution in Ghana.

The primary responsibility of the Trust is to replace part of lost income of workers in Ghana due to Old Age, Invalidity or Death of a member where dependants receive lump sum payment. It is also responsible for the payment of Emigration benefit to a non-Ghanaian member who is leaving Ghana permanently.

The Pension Scheme as administered by SSNIT has an active membership of over 1.8 million as at April, 2023 with over 235,617 pensioners who regularly receive their monthly pensions from SSNIT.

SSNIT is governed by the National Pensions Act 2008, (Act 766) which has a contributory 3-tier Pension Scheme with SSNIT operating the mandatory First-Tier Scheme. It is also governed by PNDC Law 247.

Under the Act 766, out of the 18.5%, the employer remits 13.5% to SSNIT within 14 days of the ensuing month to the mandatory First-Tier Basic Social Security Scheme-SSNIT.

Out of the 13.5% with SSNIT, 2.5% is remitted to the National Health Insurance (NHIS) towards the member Health Insurance. Employer pays the 5% to the Mandatory Second Tier Occupational Scheme which is privately managed by Trustees approved and licensed by the Board of National Pension Regulatory Authority (NPRA). As such, it is in place for pensioners not receive their cards free of charge.

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