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AMA Boss Tours Sub Metros; Inspects Progress Of Infrastructure Projects

The Mayor of Accra, Hon. Elizabeth Kwatsoe Sackey, has paid a working visit to some communities in the metropolis to inspect the progress of work on the construction of some infrastructure development in the education, health, and sanitation sectors.

Among the projects were a sanitation court, to prosecute sanitation offences and enhance the city’s efforts towards maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards, a school project at Avenor, a 3-story 18-unit classroom block and a 3-unit nursery block with a computer laboratory, library, laboratories, and playground for the Independence Avenue Cluster of Schools, a two-story medical storage facility at the Mamprobi Hospital as well as an ultra-modern abattoir at Jamestown.

Mayor Sackey, in an interview with the media after the tour, emphasised the importance of these infrastructure projects in driving socio-economic development and improving the quality of life for residents.

She expressed satisfaction with the progress and reiterated the city’s commitment to completing these projects within the stipulated timelines to benefit city dwellers.

She pointed out that the establishment of a dedicated sanitation court in the AMA reflects the city’s commitment to addressing sanitation challenges through the enforcement of its byelaws, adding that any individual caught littering and dumping refuse indiscriminately would be dealt with by the law.

She noted the construction of the Avenor School project, also aimed at enhancing educational facilities, improving access to quality education, and providing conducive learning environments for all children of school-going age in the city.

Touching on the two-story medical storage facility at the Mamprobi Hospital, the Mayor said the project sought to, among other things, support the healthcare infrastructure in the city, providing vital aid for efficient medical supply management and storage.

Mayor Sackey reaffirmed the city’s commitment to prioritise infrastructure development initiatives that directly impact the lives of residents, adding that with a steadfast commitment, the AMA remains poised to achieve its vision of a fair and resilient city with equal socio-economic opportunities for all.

She highlighted that the decision to construct a modern abattoir in Accra comes in response to longstanding challenges faced by the city’s meat processing industry, including inadequate facilities, outdated infrastructure, and poor sanitation practices.

“Considering the increasing urban population and rising demands for meat products in Accra, there is a pressing need to modernize the sector to ensure compliance with international standards and best practices. The new abattoir we are constructing in Jamestown will revolutionise meat processing operations in Accra by incorporating state-of-the-art facilities and technologies. It will be designed to meet stringent hygiene requirements, with dedicated areas for slaughtering, processing, and packaging, all adhering to strict quality control measures,” she said.

The first female Mayor of the City of Accra also used the opportunity to engage community members and stakeholders, regarding the ongoing projects, among others.

The Mayor was accompanied by a Deputy Director of Administration, Samuel Tutuani, officials from the Works Department, and other members of management.

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