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An Eventful Year, It Has Been!


Twenty-twenty gradually glides to a close in some days with lots of unfulfilled resolutions from 2019.

This year begun with lots of hope and expectation as well as plans but that was never to be.

In the global context, Corona Virus emerged sweeping across the world compelling many countries including Ghana to lockdown.

The impact of the onset of COVID 19 on education, businesses, deaths, family life among others is evident for all to see.

Even as the world devises ways to mitigate the effects of the disease especially in these final stages of the year, much needs to be done to reduce carrying its reeling impact into the coming year.

For us in Ghana, the year has not dealt any different with us but we managed to compile a voter register and organizes the 2020 December elections.

As 2021 beckons, we at THE NEW PUBLISHER are of the strongest hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Let us use the threats, lessons and opportune the onset of COVID thought us to build a stronger feature for ourselves and posterity.

COVID 19 for instance exposed the weaknesses in our health sector and our knee jerk in tackling emergencies.

Be that as it may, we must not endeavor to throw our hands in despire but fight on to redeem opportunities lost in the course of the year.

It is our hope that 2021 brings its own blessings, opportunities and good wishes.

Until then, 2021 goes down in human history as one of the eventful years…

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