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Anger after Ivory Coast TV guest demonstrates rape


A television station in Ivory Coast has apologised after broadcasting a prime-time show in which a man described as a former rapist demonstrated on a mannequin how he assaulted women.

The presenter laughed and joked as he helped the guest lay the mannequin on the floor. Afterwards the guest was invited to give women advice on how to avoid being raped.

Thirty-thousand people signed a petition calling for the cancellation of the show on the private channel, Nouvelle Chaîne Ivoirienne (NCI).

Women’s Affairs Minister Nassénéba Touré was amongst those who expressed her outrage, saying Monday’s programme undermined the government’s efforts to eradicate rape.

The presenter, Yves de M’Bella, has been suspended and has asked for forgiveness.

The station’s management says it is committed to respecting human rights, especially those of women.



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