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Angry GN Bank Customer Attacks Police


In a scene than can be described as the direct opposite of the ‘norm’ at some banking halls in recent months, a policeman on duty at a GN Bank in Asante Mampong nearly lost his eyes after he was attacked by an angry female customer.

The lady, who reportedly had a savings account with the bank, had visited the hall to withdraw her money that fateful day, but officials, reportedly, could not grant her wish.

Sensing a looming commotion from the demeanor of the lady, the officer on duty tried to calm her down, but that did not work as the lady poked her fingers into the eyes of the peace officer.

The angry-looking lady was said to have later hurled insults at the policeman, who remained calm in the face of the glaring provocation.

At a point, the lady held the neck of the policeman, and she further rained unprintable words at him in the presence of other customers.

Sources told the paper the lady got uncontrollable because she had been turned away several times by the bank officials when she attempted to withdraw some money.

The nasty incident was captured by the CCTV devices, which were planted at vantage points in the banking hall.

This was the first time a customer is captured as having attacked a police officer at a banking hall. The last time a similar commotion was recorded in the country, it was the other way round.

In July, a woman who went to the Shiashie branch of Midland Savings and Loans in Accra with a baby at her back was brutalized by Lance Corporal Godzi Frederick Amanor of the Accra Regional Police Operations Unit.

The scene, which was also captured on video, attracted one of the greatest condemnations in the nation’s recent history.

The victim was compensated by the bank, while the officer was interdicted. THE PUBLISHER is yet to confirm whether the lady attacker in the GN Bank case was arrested or not.

By: Kwadwo Essel

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