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Award schemes banning musicians not proper – 3 Music Awards CEO


Chief Executive Officer of 3Media Networks, organizers of 3Music Awards, Sadiq Abdulai Abu, has said that it is wrong for any music awards scheme to consider banning musicians over a criticism or an unfair comment made against the scheme.

According to him, the idea to disallow stakeholders in a particular awards scheme not to voice out their disappointments by banning them should not be encouraged.

Speaking in an interview on OKAY FM’s ‘Best Entertainment Show’, Sadiq answering to a question on whether 3Music awards would ever consider banning a musician over an action, he said “No, it’s not part of our plans like the board members will get angry at us. We actually don’t subscribe to that thought. It’s not a proper thought to have. 3 Music Awards have always thought that regardless of whatever differences you’ll have with the musicians – allow them to voice it out but no need to ban them. Awards are bound out of the individual talent and things. Even with whatever issues, we believe if the person has what it takes to win again, allow them to win. ”

He added, “You’ll recall that, since we came, there has been several musicians taking us out one way or the other publicly, some of them has had open dismay at us, we have had Medikal calling us out and others but we believe that, once they deserve it and have the opportunity to win again in the particular year, no need to take that away from them – that has always been the motivation driving us. We’ve not come to that stage where board will be of the view – one musician or the other should be banned. Differences will be there, and once you understand awards, you’ve got to develop the tough skin for such criticisms. Awards are like that across the world. For the fact that a musician goes out to criticize the scheme doesn’t mean if in a particular year, he needs to win, you’ll deprive him from winning, that’ll be unfair.”

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