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Banker-To-Banker Gets Support

The Concerned Voters Movement (CVM), a powerful pressure group, has expressed misgivings about the decision of the National Lottery Authority (NLA) to flush out Banker-to-Banker lotto business.

President and Founder of the group, Razak Kojo Opoku, stated that any attempt to collapse the Banker-to-Banker lotto business will make many lose their jobs

According to him, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration seems to be repeating some of the blunders that it committed when it was in political power in 2008, which led to an electoral defeat for the party during the 2008 general elections.

He said the Banker-to-Banker industry provides employment for a sizeable number of the citizenry therefore collapsing it would increase unemployment rate and create problems for the government in the next polls.

Addressing a press conference in Kumasi, Kojo Opoku suggested to government to implement fresh policies to legalize the Banker-to-Banker business so that the state can take taxes from them and develop the country.

According to him, operators of the Banker-to-Banker business far outnumber the NLA officials “and they (Banker-to-Banker) are operating under cover to make money without the state taking the needed taxes from them.

“What we need now as a country is a law that will legalize the Banker-to-Banker business so that the state can take taxes from. If we try to bully them they will operate in secret and make money at the expense of the state”.

Kojo Opoku said the current trend where the NLA enjoys monopoly in the lottery business in the state is not helping matters, saying that “the government should make the NLA a regulator and rather empower the private businesses”.

He attacked Osei Ameyaw, Director General of the NLA, for taking harsh actions ever since he assumed office, which is intended to collapse the Banker-to-Banker business, urging him to sit up.

Kojo Opoku observed that the online lotto business in the country is being run by foreigners as the NLA watches helplessly, lambasting the NLA for victimizing against Banker-to-Banker which is managed by Ghanaians.

Source: The Publisher

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