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Be Serious with Subsequent Licensure Exams – Teachers to NTC


Some graduate teachers who completed their 3-day licensure exam on Wednesday, want the National Teaching Council (NTC) to take steps to ensure that the challenges that bedeviled the exercise are not repeated in subsequent exams.

They cite delays, maltreatment and leakage of exam papers as some of the major issues that the NTC should address.

There were rumours that the papers had leaked and had to be reprinted.

Just like it happened on Monday, teachers were left stranded.

Some of the candidates who sat for the exams at the University of Cape coast Distance Education Centre lamented in a Citi News interview.

“We heard later from other colleagues that they said they’ve cancelled the paper because there was a leakage. We were waiting for a new paper to write. The new paper also got leaked, two hours before the paper. I think that teaching council is a bogus institution and must be dissolved,” one of the candidates stated.

Most of the candidates who participated in the exams could not hide their frustration, and lactating mothers were more worried.

“On Monday, my baby didn’t eat, and then today we came here, look at the time we are closing. I’m writing and my baby is on my laps. She is holding part of the paper and I’m also holding part of the paper,” a lactating mother lamented.

One of the teachers said: “what we wrote was not numeracy, which is pure mathematics. And because of that since they informed us that it was going to be numeracy, we didn’t go inside with calculators. Even our colleagues who went in with calculators were sacked.”

Others complained about the way the entire exam was conducted.

“In fact, they don’t respect us. They talk to us anyhow. The fact that we are here coming to write exams doesn’t mean we don’t have anything doing at home. So that thing should be checked.”

About the licensure exams

The Teachers Licensing examination conducted by the National Teaching Council nationwide began on Monday, September 10, 2,018 and ended on Wednesday, September 12, 2,018.

The examination applies to all teachers who hold the Diploma in Basic Education (DBE), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) or a post-graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) who want to be employed by the Ghana education service.

According to the National Teaching Council, the purpose of the licensure examination is to enable qualified teachers to acquire a professional license to ply their trade.

More than 29,000 candidates sat for the exams across the country.

Most of the newly trained teachers are hoping to get employed after they make the 50 percent pass mark.

The exams was rocked by leakages, delays and alleged extortions at centres.

Source: Citinewsroom

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