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Bethel Revival Choir – The Pace Setters Of Choral Music Performance In Ghana


The spice of the new age of Ghana’s gospel music fraternity is without doubt the Bethel Revival Choir.

It has, since its ‘invasion’ of the mainstream gospel stage, elevated the taste of choral music performances in the country.

No wonder they had a great recognition at the 20th Edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music awards, and emerged winner in ‘The Best Music Group of the Year’ category.

Before the VGMA, the group had won three categories at the 2019 edition of the 3 Music Awards, and won Gospel Song of the Year, Gospel Act of the Year and Best Group of the Year.

Performing as a choir involves elements which need determination, constant rehearsal, devotion, and self-discipline in order to build every individual who forms part of the choir.

From a fair standpoint, one can say that three qualities of the Choir which, makes them a unique group, are CONSISTENCY, VOCAL CLASSIFICATION, and PERFORMANCES/DELIVERY.


In their recent radio interview one Sunday on Hitz FM’s ‘This Is Gospel’ show hosted by Frank Kwabena Owusu (Franky5), any listener cannot but be filled with the awesomeness of the Creator.

Bethel Revival Choir has been in the existence since the 90s and even though they never had the mass appeal, they kept on pushing, rehearsing, performing and making use of their talent, until 2018 when they had the spotlight, which shot them to fame.

Unlike other choirs, they kept their space, CONSISTENCY, composure, and attitude over the years.

Sharing their difficult moments on radio, Adelaide, a group member, divulged how the choir in those days performed to empty chairs at events, despite all the publicity.

This means that being consistent as a music group adds up to growth, and helps one overgrow failure, and Bethel Revival Choir has proven that.


Closely listening to the performances of the Choir will leave you with no option than to accept them as the one-in-all Ghanaian choir with great vocal dexterity.

To develop such element as a music group, every individual who adds up to the vocal output of the team has to be devoted to constant rehearsals.

The partition of voices, soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, treble and bass, when well practiced and delivered, signals the beauty of a choral performance.

Every music lover who has given a keen hearing to Bethel Revival Choir will attest to the fact that, they have every vocal quality.


BRC surely turns every gathering into a heavenly realm with their music performances.

The choir has been a top notch performing choral music group in Ghana since they adopted great style of delivering.

Here are four ‘elements’ that the group adopts to ‘wow’ its audiences.

  1. Attitude:

Attitude is important when you are singing as a choir and Bethel Revival Choir has gotten it in a max.

When performing in a concert as a choir, it is important that you feel what you are singing, that you transmit composure and conviction (or at least you have to make your audience believe that, you know what you are doing) and such quality embeds in the BRC.

  1. Keeping An Appealing Posture (Smile)

Performing choral singers are expected to keep an appealing posture in order to communicate their excitement with their audience. At least you have to smile when you sing in a choir and, the group members are always positive.

When you go to see a concert, it is more pleasant if you look at a person that is having fun with what he/she does.

Besides, the aperture of your mouth, when you smile, makes the sound of your voice to be more open and beautiful than when you sing with a serious expression. Bethel Revival Choir will never give you a boring performance.

  1. Choreography Movements

Many a-times we focus on the sound of the choir, and we don’t pay attention to the esthetics (how the choir looks from the outside, as a whole).

When members move or dance without a choreography, each

singer goes towards a different direction, which usually gives a feeling of chaos.

  1. Facial Expressions & Gestures

Every fan of this choir will attest to the fact that, it has developed the best way of expressing the stories it tells in its songs.

They really tell stories in their songs, not only with their voices, but with their facial expressions and movements and that is a major contributing factor to its uniqueness.

Even in renditions, they always take a song and make it theirs. Having to their credit a 2018 album dubbed ‘Akpe’, BRC has set a mark for the future of Choral Music in Ghana and needs to be patronized.

  1. Felix fiadoku says

    Wow that is great

  2. Makafui says

    We give glory to God. Bethel Revival are really doing well and I pray God sustains them. May his grace continue to be on them always.

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