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Beyond the Blackboard: Faith Aku Dzakpasu ignites worldwide innovation

In a captivating encounter with Faith Aku Dzakpasu, crowned as Ghana’s Most Outstanding Teacher for 2023, the New Publisher delved into her innovative approach to teaching, emphasizing creativity, and the profound impact it has on learners in Ghanaian schools.

Faith, on the 27 November 2023, passionately defended the shift towards making teaching and learning a fun-based experience, stating, “Inculcating creativity in the classroom fosters a sense of safety and desire in learners. It raises their expectations, self-esteem, and connection to the teacher and other learners, leading to greater focus, engagement, and enjoyment.” This insight highlights the transformative power of infusing joy and creativity into the traditional educational framework.

Probing the motivation behind her commitment to making teaching fun-based, she explained, “Taking time to develop these resources sends a signal to learners that they matter, are valued, and can potentially encourage and empower them to take ownership of the learning process.” This underscores the significance of investing time and effort in creating an environment where learners feel valued and motivated to actively participate in their education.

When asked about her advice to teachers globally, Ghana’s 2023 Education Trailblazer, emphasized the role of teachers as champions, asserting, “A teacher should be a champion. I make teaching aids because beauty is good for learning, and students need to experience beauty to grow to their full potential.” This spotlights the importance of going the extra mile to unlock students’ full potential through innovation and creativity.

In a world where education is evolving, Faith Aku Dzakpasu’s insights serve as a beacon for educators worldwide, encouraging them to embrace creativity, invest in resources that signal the value of learners, and champion beauty in the learning process. As Ghana celebrates its Most Outstanding Teacher, her message resonates globally, inspiring a paradigm shift in education towards a more engaging and empowering future.



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