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Blay, Togbe Afede Saga: Sefwianhwiaso Chief Denies Issuing Statement


The Sefwianhwiasohene, Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi, who doubles as the Chairman of Governance and Development Committee of the National House of Chiefs, has denied issuing a statement calling on the Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Freddie Blay, to apologize to Togbe Afede XIV.

A statement issued on Friday, July 13, was attributed to Ogyeahoho, calling on Freddie Blay to apologize to the President of the National House of Chiefs, and the entire membership of the House over certain comments which they deemed as insulting.

Mr. Blay had described a remark made by Togbe Afede XIV over the 275 buses he imported as “palm wine business talk”.

Speaking on an Accra based radio station on Saturday, Ogyeahoho Gyebi, who sounded surprised, stated he has not authorized any press release.

According to him, he is not the spokesperson or registrar for the National House of Chiefs and stressed that it is not his mandate to issue press statements on behalf of the house.

He further disclosed that he was informed later after the story had been published, that the Vice President of the House is behind the statement.

“I called the Registrar of the House and he told me that the Vice President of the National House of Chiefs told them they should put my name under the statement because I am the Chairman for Governance,” he said.

He explained that at the governance subcommittee, no one has the authority to communicate to the public after they have deliberated on an issue.

Mr. Blay has been the subject of discussion after he imported some buses into the country for the party, days into NPP’s National Delegates Conference.

Togbe Afede addressing the House at its general meeting, is reported to have expressed joy about the issue reaching the Special Prosecutor.

“Sometime ago it was one political party building a multi-million dollar headquarters. We all sat down and did not complain. More recently, it is an aspiring chairman of a party buying 275 vehicles. These are matters that should attract Nananom’s attention. I am happy that at least the latest has attracted the attention of the Special Prosecutor,” he said.

Mr. Blay who wasn’t happy about the statement described it as “palm wine business talk”.

The statement issued from the house, however, called on Mr. Blay to render an apology to Togbe Afede XIV for what they term as insult.

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