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Bleached Face Prophets Fake – Sam Korankye


General Overseer of the Royal House Chapel International, Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah, last Sunday schooled his congregation on how to fish out fake men of God.

According to the popular clergyman, fake Pastors usually have bleached faces and mostly flaunt their wealth on social media.

He indicated that a bleached skin was a major characteristic of false prophets who prophesy nothing but doom and gloom― especially the death of prominent people such as presidents, vice-presidents, other politicians, among others.

Speaking on the theme, The Tell-Tale Signs Of Doomsayers, he said, “I’ve never been to their churches before but I’ve been hearing them on radio, and, so, I can give you a few descriptions of some of the things they do and say.

“Why do they bleach?” Rev Korankye Ankrah asked and quickly responded, “It shows the fakeness in them. They are revealing a colour that God did not give to them. They were born black but they are white with deception.”

Nay Nay

Though this statement is coming from a renowned man of God, a simple poll conducted by the Publisher shows a session of the Christian fraternity is peeved over the assertion.

Esi says, “God is more concerned about our devotion to Him than what we decide to do with our physical body which will be left on earth,” While Daniel concurs that, “Bleaching is not equal to being fake. It is just a psychological problem and inferiority complex.”

For Ike, “some pastors bleach their face but still carry anointing adding that “bleaching can’t define who one truly is in the realm of the spirit.”


Seth, a staunch Christian screams―verboten! Yes, it’s an abomination to bleach, talk less of a man of God. “No pastor worth the name and who preaches to children of God should change his or her looks,” he said.

Harriet also agrees with the reverend. She says, “they are two-faced pastors. Why will they bleach in the first place. If they can deceive us with their body, what else can’t they deceive us with.”

Though not mincing words, the man of God failed to mention names of perceived fake pastors.

By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/

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