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Bogus Informants Are Enemies of The State


THE PUBLISHER has observed a deadly trend, which if left unchecked, can land our beloved country in troubled waters.

It is the subject of bogus informants who move round mongering to security persons, alarming information that has absolutely no merit. Our security persons, a good number of times, fall for this mischief and draw all sorts of faulty conclusions.

These bogus informants sometimes make a living from such evil lies or simply use them to score cheap and very unfair points at their rivals or competitors.

It is just like the days of the Young Pioneers when a spoilt child, who does not want to be disciplined would simply go and whisper some outright lies against the parents and voila, such an unfortunate parent gets trapped on the wrong side of Osagyefo.

Truth be told, this act of deliberate misinformation is an act of terrorism not new to our socio-political setting. The good old Kofi Bentum Quantson, a security intelligence expert extraordinary who worked hard through the ranks to become Director of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), indeed wrote about the threat in his book, “Bogus informants: – Nation Wreckers.”

But as haters of books, not many have read this all-important book of useful revelations so many of our security officers and senior political appointments continue to fall victims to these terrorists.

Such bogus informants have turned friends into foes. Many of them have given bogus information that has led to appointments of hardworking persons revoked. Such crappy informants have, many times, led our security agencies to spend our scarce resources on a wild goose chase in hunt for non-existent crimes.

THE PUBLISHER is making a frantic call on the powers that be, to go the extra mile of checking and cross checking the background, intent and mindset of informants. Truth be told some of such supposed informants have absolutely no information whatsoever.

Recently, a senior CID officer at the Police Headquarters in Accra told our editorial team of a group of young souls, who told a particular party chairman that his life was under threat from a rival.

All police investigations later showed that the information was cooked up from the pits of hell.

Again, we are told of some bogus informants who in a quest to hide their criminal acts of fraud, are hopping from one security agency to another spewing lies against their boss, a political appointee so the person gets kicked from office.

THE PUBLISHER is making a rather strong appeal for this trend to be checked before it gets out of hand. It is sheer terrorism against our beloved state.

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