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Bugri Naabu swerves bi-partisan committee

It has come to light that Chief Daniel BugriNaabu who had been scheduled to appear before the bi-partisan parliamentary committee probing the leaked tape about a plot to remove the Inspector General of Police(IGP) sought permission to absent himself so as to attend a National House of Chiefs meeting.

Chairman of the Committee lawyer Samuel Atta Akyea after hearing the IGP’s side of the story, announced that the committee only indulged Chief Bugri Naabu to attend to the National House of Chiefs meeting for today but that he was expected to appear before the committee tomorrow.

“We had an issue with Bugri Naabu who said because of issues of chieftaincy, National House of Chiefs meeting, he couldn’t show up today. And we obliged him that he should come tomorrow. So tomorrow is a sitting of this committee,” Mr Atta Akyea said.

Chief Bugri Naabu, a stalwart of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), who has served as the party’s Northern Regional Chairman and remains very influential, was the first to appear before the committee. He admitted to recording the leaked tape and mentioned the individuals involved in the alleged plot.

Today, the IGP gave his side of the story and answered questions from the committee. Proceedings continue tomorrow.

Mr. Bugri  Naabu was expected to reappear before the seven-member committee on Tuesday September 12, 2023 for some intense interrogation.

Though the witness who admitted making the recording of the purported leaked tape which has subsequently birthed other audiovisuals had been discharged by the committee when he made his first appearance, some details require he is brought back to face a second round of interrogation for his roles in the whole issue.

Sources within the committee, reveal that some claims made by the witness turned out to be untrue considering the current turn of events and the emergence of some audiovisuals in which he was captured making shocking disclosures, his presence would be critical.

Bugri Naabu confesses receiving GHc10k from police monthly

Late last week, the embattled witness in yet another leaked audio confessed to receiving Ghc10, 000 monthly from the Ghana Police Service.

Mr. BugriNaabu in defense of the amount he receives, indicates that it for his services of providing secret information to the police in his capacity as a paramount chief.

The confession of BugriNaabu was in response to a query from someone on the other end of a telephone conversation who described the chief as untruthful over certain claims.

In the 5:40 minutes audio and many others that have since gone viral on social media, an angry NPP stalwart is heard saying in response to claims he receives GHc10,000 monthly from the Inspector General of Police (IGP), George Akuffo Dampare that.“It is the police who are paying me and not Dampare. I receive Ghc10, 000 from the police. I don’t know it is coming from Dampare. They give me that amount for the security work I am doing as a paramount chief and when they is a problem I report to them”, he disclosed

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