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Call for Akuapem Poloo to drop name needless – Arnold

Entertainment analyst Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo is not happy, to say the least, about the call for actress Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo to drop her ‘Akuapem’ name by the Apesemakahene of Mampong Akwapim, Nana Yirenkyi I.

This comes after Nana Yirenkyi 1 stated that he will make sure actress Rosemond Brown is punished following her nude picture with his seven year old son.

He further stated that, Akuapem Poloo should drop the name ‘Akuapem’ because it denigrates the town and the people of Akuapem.

“We are meeting this Friday and I will personally make sure Akuapem Poloo is punished for her action. I will report her to all the five divisional chiefs and later to the New Akuapem Hene to deal with her.

“First of all, Akuapem Poloo is not a native of this land. She just came to live here so we will not allow her to drag our name into the mud. We don’t need her here because she is a disgrace to the people of Akuapem,” he told Graphic Showbiz.

“Some ago she did a similar thing and she was spoken to extensively and she apologised but it looks like she has no shame and it is about time she put a stop to this nonsense,” he added.

The communication according to Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo is unnecessary. The entertainment critic making a submission on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ hosted by Halifax Ansah-Addo Friday morning argued that the call for Akuapem Poloo to drop her name should not be tolerated.

”My issue with Nana Yirenkyi I is of the fact that, he has every right to speak as an individual with respect to whatever Rosemond Brown did but he’s speaking as PRO for the Akuapem Chieftaincy. His title is actually the spokesperson with anything related to Akuapem but over the period, he has not been speaking as an individual or someone from the community, that’s where I have my issues at.

”I feel a little bit awkward with regards to his personal opinions each day, if he has any advice to give, it should be within the confines of the palace and not the public space. We don’t need his personal opinion as Apesemakahene. He is supposed to communicate whatever decisions made by the Chief. However if he can’t level himself to that then he should speak as an individual like any other Ghanaian expressing their views on the issue.” he said.

He added, ”From where I am sitting, I feel he’s blowing the whole issue out of proportion. We all admit the lady did wrong, the likes of the Ministry of Gender among others have condemned her actions. If Akuapem Poloo has gone over her boundaries with the Akuapem Mampong laws, she has to face it as needed. However the outburst of the Apesemakahene and the few others is blowing the whole issue out of proportion.”

Akuapem Poloo Has Positivity

Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo further called on the Apesemakahene among other critics to consider the positivity of the entertainer and not only her negatives.

According to him, Akuapem Poloo has climbed the ladder of fame and popularity within a short spate of time and in a current dispensation where numbers count, Poloo has the numbers.

”Again, in a setting where social media has become such a powerful platform, one must reckon that Poloo has been a formidable figure in that space. She has an appreciable number of patrons following her on her social media pages, meaning, she commandeers some level of clout and influence. The Apesemakahene of Mampong Akwapim, Nana Yirenkyi I, who has vowed to personally see to the punishment of Akuapem Poloo, can respectfully channel some of that vigour in translating what he deems as negative into positive.

”What he can do is try to tap into the celebrity status and positioning of Akuapem Poloo and use her and her platforms to project the ideals, norms and culture of the Akuapem town. Instead of summoning her to sanction her like she is a terrorist, she can be admonished, tutored and partnered into pushing the positive agenda for Akuapem.” he indicated.

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