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We Can Do Better To Help The Police


The Ghana Police have constantly urged the citizenry to assist the Service do it work by volunteering verifiable information.

This call for help is not only peculiar to Ghana alone but is also the practice in other jurisdictions.

This symbiotic relation between the police and the citizenry has led to the Service foiling various robbery attacks and in some cases leading to the arrest of the culprits in the said nonferrous activities.

That is why the paper views the compliant by the Sekondi Police Command in the Western Region over increasing cases of fake kidnapping reports to the station as worrying.

The Sekondi Divisional Commander, Chief Supt Dima Zoiku is quoted as having stated that all the eighteen (18) missing, abduction and kidnapping cases reported at the police station from February to October 2020 turned out to be fake after thorough investigations by the police.


“Because of the four missing Takoradi Girls case, the police administration has decided not to take incidents of such nature as a joke or lightly and I can tell you on authority since assumption of office as the divisional commander for Sekondi, eighteen of the cases of missing children, abduction and kidnapping all turned out not to be true”, he said.

Directly linked to the issue above is yet another disclaimer by the Central Regional Police Command that reports of robberies on the University of Cape Coast Campus are inaccurate.

It comes after images of students appearing to run from an attack flooded social media yesterday morning. Reports suggested the alleged robbers moved through halls and ransacked rooms.

The paper can continue enumerating instances where officers of the Police Service had been sent on a wild goose chase for nothing.

THE NEW PUBLIHSER views the issue as very unfortunate especially as such prank calls deprives others who truly require the services of the police from having it.

Despite this, the service moves with security patrol team and other equipment’s that are funded by the tax payer.

It’s our considered opinion that until culprits involved in these prank calls are arrested and prosecuted, these acts will continue.

The hope to have a committed, dedicated and an effective Police Service is dependent on how the citizenry assists the police with verifiable and cogent pieces of information.

It is our responsibility to help the police do it work as expected by reducing the prank calls to them.

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