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Charterhouse Explains Absence of Best Group Category in TGMA Nominations

The Public Relations Officer for Charterhouse, Robert Klah, has explained the reason for the absence of Best Group of the Year category in recent Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) nomination list in the last few years.

Mr. Klah stated that the TGMA has discontinued the Best Group of the Year category due to a lack of competitiveness. He mentioned that the board will reconsider reintroducing the category when it observes strong competition once more.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Mr. Klah explained that since 2021, none of the entries for nomination in that category have met the necessary criteria.

“Yes, we didn’t add Group of the Year to the nominations list because the Board has realised that it’s no longer as competitive as it used to be, so it was decided to let it rest until they become competitive again.

“If an artiste or group is not on the list, it simply means they did not meet the criteria if they filed for nomination in the year under review,” he stated.

Robert Klah urged the different groups to submit applications for more than only the Group of the Year award because, based on their achievements in the year under consideration, they are also eligible for other competitive categories.

“The groups are still eligible to participate in the awards scheme so they can be nominated in any of the song or artistry categories.

“FRA is a group but they have been nominated in the Best Highlife Artiste of the Year category. If we have enough competitive groups in the future, the category will be brought back into the scheme,” he said.

The Best Group of the Year accolade was last claimed in 2021 by Bethel Revival Choir, surpassing competitors such as R2Bees, La Meme Gang, and DopeNation. In 2020, Bethel Revival Choir made history by breaking the longstanding trend of gospel groups not clinching the trophy.

However, since their victory in 2021, the category has not been awarded. Despite consistent music releases and live performances by groups like La Meme Gang, R2Bees, and DopeNation since 2021, they have failed to secure nominations in the Group of the Year category, indicating a lack of recognition from the TGMA Board.


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