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Chiefs Justify New Regions


The Justice Brobbey Commission of Enquiry set up by President Akufo-Addo to examine petitions on the possible creation of new regions yesterday concluded the first phase of meetings with petitioners.

This was after it had in the past two weeks engaged petitioners from the Western, Volta, Brong Ahafo and Northern Regions.

Chiefs who appeared before the commission made strong cases for the creation of new regions in their areas, citing lack of development as the main justification.

Traditional rulers from Ahafo in the Brong Ahafo, Western North from the Western Region, Gonja from the Northern Region, Bono East from the Brong Ahafo Region and Oti in the Volta region were all of the view that a new region would bring development and also create jobs for their people.

President Akufo-Addo referred petitions from Chiefs and organizations of the named regions to the Council of State for advice, which were approved.

Speaking at the opening ceremony two weeks ago, Chairman of the Commission, Justice Steven Alan Brobbey, promised that the Commission would give all petitioners a fair hearing.

The terms of reference given the Commission include:

(a) Inquire, pursuant to the petitions, into the need and substantial demand for the creation of new regions.

(b) To make recommendations to the President based on its findings, on the creation of a region or alteration of regional boundaries and

(c) To specify the issues to be determined by referendum and the places where the referendum should be held, where it makes recommendations for the creation of new regions.

The creation of new regions in Ghana, according to Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development, Hon. Dan Botwe, will increase the economic opportunities for the people as well as promote effective governance.

He told the Parliamentary Vetting Committee early this year that the creation of new regions by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government was not for political advantage but to help ensure even distribution of development across the country.

Hon. Botwe, in an interaction with the media yesterday, said his ministry would not interfere with the work of the Commission, except to provide logistics for its smooth running.

The Commission will in the second phase of sitting meet petitioners and stakeholders in their respective regions to solicit more views from people who could not attend the first hearing in Accra.

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