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Classic Texts Every Man Has Sent Before


1. When someone asks if you want to go to a party later that night

2. When you’re desperate to get out of this obligation

3. When you go to a house party where you only know the friend who invited you and you’re already feeling really awkward

4. When you said you’d go but you literally can’t even

5. When someone is all, “The show starts at 10pm…”

6. When you straight up needed to flake and aren’t really sorry about it

7. When someone asks you to go out at the last minute but you made plans to stay home with Netflix when you woke up this morning

8. When you know that there’s no way you’re getting out of this thing

9. When you’re already in your pajamas at home tucked in nicely in your bed

10. When you don’t care, tonight is for you and no one else, sorry

11. When they suddenly have to cancel on you

12. When you actually want to be social

13. When you’re determined to enforce a time limit on your night out

14. When your friend gets on your level

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