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The New Publisher finds it ridiculous the growing tensed agitation for the closure of a supposed office space reportedly situated somewhere in Accra without exact details if the location is at Tesano, Kwabenya, Ashongang or Labone, belonging to a group of pro-homosexual persons who call themselves   LGBT+ Rights.

Closing the office achieves an artificial psychological victory for the anti-LGBT advocates. Apart from that, it does not address any of the genuine concerns they have raised bothering on the exact position of the law on same sex relationships, the obvious public anger over the rising LGBT culture, the subject matter of how same sex practices offends the culture, morals and traditions of the larger Ghanaian community and the fact that the main religions in the country all frown on it.

This group, LGBT+ Rights, that everyone wants its unknown offices closed does not represent all LGBT persons in Ghana. They are just one of the several pro homosexual groupings dotted all over the country. Indeed, when The New Publisher spoke with the group’s Director, Alex Kofi Donkor, this week, he said they have a membership hovering around 500.

Meanwhile there are several thousands of persons engaged in, recruiting, practicing, promoting, advocating for and deeply involved in all manner of LGBT activities and lifestyles all over the country. How does closing just one office become a solution to the entire problem? Okay, so let us say the office gets closed this morning; then what? It ends the challenges that needs to be addressed? Certainly no.

Truth is, even before the supposed office space opened a few weeks ago, LGBT persons were operating in their large numbers. How does closing the office stop them from operating?  There are several other factors to be considered in this campaign; the social factors, changing cultural trends and all sorts of foreign infiltration, neglected parenting, economic factors, lack of requisite education among several others.

Once upon a time in the heart of Accra, at places like Teshie and Bukom, people suspected to belong to the LGBT community were bundled up, beaten and banished. It solved nothing. Within weeks, they were back and doing whatever they love to do.

We cannot continue to flog a dead horse and pretend to be addressing LGBT challenges. By the time people come out to say they are LGBT, their minds are already firmed up. No amount of prayers, threats and closing of office space can change their thinking and beliefs.

It is curious why the anti-LGBT advocates have not bothered to take the campaign to Parliament where our lawmakers can actually come out with clear definite laws that talks about same sex, and narrows down on the word gay, lesbian and what have you.

To rely on the law that talks of ‘unnatural canal knowledge’ is weak. A definition that can be interpreted to mean oral sex and all forms of penile penetration except into an adult consenting vagina? In other places where they mean to stop LGBT, their laws are clear, direct and unambiguous.

While the confusion continues, we plead that the anti LGBT campaigners should do so within the confines of the laws. Threatening arson attacks on properties suspected to belong to LGBT persons, inciting public hatred against LGBT persons and generally treating them with scorn and disdain is not the best way to go.

The laws and culture can be protected without preaching and promoting hate.

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