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Colombia Seizes Largest Stash Of Cocaine Ever


Police in Colombia have made the largest seizure of cocaine in the country’s history.

The government have said that they have discovered an incredible 12 tonnes of cocaine from banana plantations in the north of the country.

President Juan Manuel Santos has said it’s the largest ever drugs haul made in a single operation.

“Thanks to a police operation with overseas intelligence, from friendly countries, the largest seizure in history was made,” he said in a statement about the operation.

Four men have been arrested in relation to the seizure, which has a street value of upwards of 360 million dollars (€310 million).

Police have said that the Cocaine belonged to Dairo Usuga, aka Otoniel, who is leader of the notorious Gulf Clan.

He is believed to be one of the most dangerous and powerful men in the country and Colombian police have been chasing him for years.

More than 1,500 members of his gang have been arrested by police in the past year.

Colombian police have issued a §5 million reward for information that could lead to his capture or death.

Twelve tonnes may be the largest seizure of cocaine in one operation, but police in Colombia have seized somewhere in the region of 360 tonnes of the drug this year alone.

Colombia is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the drug, with up to 900 tonnes of cocaine produced in the country every year.

Source: BBC

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