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Conception & Implementation of 67 Business Resource Centers – The Alan Factor


The agenda for job creation has been an incredible hallmark of the career of Alan Kyerematen.

Throughout his illustrious career, as a distinguished senior business executive and public servant, Alan Kyerematen has remained true to this core mission of job creation.

In line with his job creation agenda, Alan Kyerematen has single-handedly ensured the conception and implementation of the concept of the BRC’s (67 centers).


Ghana’s private sector is dominated by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s), which constitute over 90% of businesses.

In Ghana, SME’s employ 60% of our labour force and add 70% to our GDP.

This proves that SME’s are important contributors to job creation and wealth creation.

The creation of jobs through SME’s is a practical way to reduce unemployment and generate more income for Ghanaians.

In Ghana, access to finance is a challenge to SME growth and it’s the second most cited obstacle facing SMEs to grow their businesses.

The BRC’s serving as facilitators to these SME’s will ensure that these businesses are trained and prepared to meet the bank’s criteria and access financial support.

Through this credit facilitation support, the BRC’s can help SME’s expand and create more jobs in their operational zones.


Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen’s vision for BRC’s is; “to eradicate the chunk of unemployment canker”.

The BRC’s role is to help provide the needed assistance to entrepreneurs and business establishments in the various rural areas they are established.

Kyerematen’s vision for the BRC’s is to make these various centers;

(I) A vibrant one-stop-shop

(II) Business development center

(III) Investment hub

(IV) Information repositories, providing a full range of business development services to SME’s and entrepreneurs (potential and existing entrepreneurs).


The BRC’s are strategically positioned across Ghana, to aid in value addition to Ghana’s raw materials.

The BRC’s role is to promote value addition to;

(I) Boost Agro-processing

(II) Develop new and stable markets for Ghanaian products.

The partnership of the BRC’s with regulatory agencies like Registrar General, FDA, GSA, GEPA, etc will enable the centers, to create additional businesses and job opportunities.


The 67 BRC’s are integral to Ghana’s vision of reducing unemployment, especially amongst the youth.

The agenda to create jobs and generate incomes (cash) for Ghanaians can be realized in the various towns across Ghana through the BRC’s, which are fully staffed and equipped.

Alan Kyerematen’s vision and practical implementation of these world-class centers across Ghana, tells the story of a competent, dynamic, and transformational leader that is results-driven. At last, his practical works are becoming evident for all to see.



By: Terry Afram-Kumi

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