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Consequences and Damages For Terming Journalism Work As ‘Whack’


The history of Journalism is filled with hoaxes, sensationalism and whispered misconception. Conveying information is an important part of the democratic decision making system. Some say, we are needed in society, others say we are not needed. No matter your stands in this argument, you will agree with me that, the work of a journalist is one of the hard jobs in the world. It comes with pressure, stress, fear, anxious moment, tragic agony, experiencing the unexpected and many others.

Again, Conveying information is an important part in democratic state – – making system as it brings transparency into society and for its part that makes sure that the made decisions go along with the people’s sense of humor and accountability.

In many jurisdiction, the journalist mission is to oversee the work of government officials on behalf of the citizens. Press media are occasionally called the watchdog of society or the fourth estate.

The watchdog simply refers to the fact that, Journalists are supposed to guard the ‘policymakers’ actions. In recent years, social media has been proposed to be the fifth estate, where the work of Journalists are sometimes scrutinized.

Journalists crucial role in helping democracy function is sometimes forgotten amid the clamor of partisan debate and the messy nature of the news business. But anyone who stops to examine recent examples of Journalistic success — and the substantial civic impacts of various news melds investigative – – cannot help but be impressed by the vital role of the press.

No individual can downplay the importance of Journalistic work in every country, the betterment of every state cannot be achieved without the work of Journalists.

The duty is to sanitize society for goodness sake, they make sure things are done properly in the essence of bringing improvement to society and country as a whole. The chastise level and sometimes to the extend of downplaying the duty of a Journalist to the lowest level does not help at all. It affiliates to bad arena and if care is not taken, and impact of the work will not be seen and witnessed as well.

Many journalistic media continue to struggle financially all because it takes money in doing anything. Projects can be done properly with the help of money. The news media contracts as an Industry has its own challenges leaving many state houses, Public agencies and local governments under examined.


Although the Internet has become the main point as an Investigative tool platform mainly for engaging the public, it takes professional reporters to initiate and follow through everything from interviews to document request. Further more, turning raw data and information consumption – – putting painstaking, creative work.

Journalism is the investigation and reporting of events, issues and trends to a broad audience for different purpose. Journalism role in society is to act as a mediator or translator between the public and policy making elites.

The journalists becomes the middleman here. When elites speak, Journalists listened and record the information, passed it on to the general public for the consumption.

The role of a journalist are as many as; watchdogs, investigators, moderators, entertainers, analyst, informers, editors, commentators, and advisors. They are community activists, agenda – settlers, the voice of the voiceless.

They are public servants, keepers of public record, protectors or democracy and promoters of public dialogue. Thanks to these responsibilities media is playing, it has earned the recognition of fourth estate and better society development as well.

The importance of Journalism comes from the people’s right to opinion and expression. Since right to opinion and expression would not have been a reality without the press. People today depend greatly on the press for being informed. Journalism is taken as inseparable part of any democratic system. The press plays a vital role in a democratic state.

Media work is a strong bridge between concerning authorities and the people. It handles all public interests for betterment. Press is the pillar of democracy.

Over the years, we’ve been subdue to abuse in all manner, through our various reportage and other amenities which doesn’t speak well at all. The insults, assault on our rights, threats in our daily duty and all that.

Recently when a friend told me, my profession as a Journalist is “WHACK”. I became very damaged, shocked, devastated all because he couldn’t point out a single reason as to why he’s giving out that description.

We all have opinions in life, as a matter of fact, we live in a democratic state but that shouldn’t engrossed one to speak just how he or she wants with no facts.

Being a Journalists does not grant one as a sinner, it shouldn’t pollute the mindset of general public against such individual. To the extent of voicing out cacophony words and expression against such person.

Over the years, we have seen assaults on journalists, abuse of human rights upon them and all that. To the extent of recent attack on a senior journalist at the multimedia company LATIF IDDRISU by police officials, those at least we expect to know better, protect and grant permission to rights to information rather detach themselves to such trauma of Journalists.

Criticisms are welcome, Journalists are not super human either are we perfect. We are humans, we make mistakes, we can’t end our dusky work without a mistake. Criticise but don’t insult and downplay the impact of Journalism work in society and allude to the abuse of them.

As the saying goes in the local language TWI, “s3 woanya bibia amma wase aaaaa 3mm) no Kr) no”

literally meaning “If you have nothing good to say about your in-laws , don’t disvalue them”

There is fault in the work as a Journalists, same as it is in every profession and institution of human but that doesn’t make it “Whack”.

Terming the fault as “Whack” won’t help, but rather discourage the hardworking all over the years, sleepless night to make things better.

Just recently, we celebrated WorldPressFreedomDay, as known by many, it was a special day dedicated to celebrate Journalists. Their works and Ways to improve living of life.


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