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Consulting deities for spiritual protection very necessary – Mzbel

Veteran Hiplife artiste, Mzbel born Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah has said that being spiritual as a person is a way of life and not just a one-off activity.

According to Mzbel known in real life as Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, consulting deities for spiritual protection is also necessary.

“Consulting Mallams, deities and fetish priests for spiritual protection as a musician is also part of it but spirituality is a lifestyle,” she said.

MzbeL added “When you wake up in the morning you have to pour water on the ground and thank the earth and you have to look into the skies and thank the sun”.

She indicated that Africans are supposed to be spiritual and communicate with nature.

She continued “As for spirituality once we are Africans that’s supposed to be our way and we communicate with the sun, moon, the earth and we know what’s in the air that’s blowing”.

Public Enemies

She further said that people tend to get annoyed and hate female musicians who promote sexuality.

“It’s frightening because as for women our dealings are some way and people take sexuality to be something bad,” she said on Property FM in Cape Coast.

“When a woman stands on stage to show her buttocks we see it to be bad but it’s not a bad thing and that makes women more annoying to some people.

MzbeL told the host “When you are a woman who promotes sexuality you annoy people and that energy alone combined can have an effect on you”.

Sharing her past experiences, Mzbel said due to her quest to promote sexuality, a lot of things happened during her music journey.

“A lot of things happened to me in the past like I’ve been attacked on stage which I nearly lost my life and I have also been involved in a horrible accident.

“It’s not everything that comes to social media because during my days social media wasn’t loud so a lot of things that happened to me most people didn’t hear it,” she added.

Look Bad

She revealed that fetish priests and mallams are supposed to be teachers.

“The mallams and fetish priests are supposed to be teachers that when you don’t understand something they can consult nature and give you results,” she said.

However, she disclosed that the use of tricks and lies by some unscrupulous fetish priests and mallams have made them look bad.

“But unfortunately some of them have added tricks, fear and deceit to it and it’s now nasty so some of the things they ought to do for you, they want to use a shortcut.

Mzbel said the use of blood makes the works of some mallams and fetish priests very dangerous.

“The shortcut stuff is dangerous because doing so demands blood and things that are scary so when we talk about spirituality then that sends shivers into people,” she said on Property FM in Cape Coast.

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