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Consume More Water, Protein And Fruits During Harmattan


Madam Dzifa Adzornu, Nutrition Officer, Ho Municipal Health Directorate, has called for the consumption of more water, protein, fruits and moist based foods to replenish the body and boost the immune system during the Harmattan season.

She noted that most people especially children lost weight during the dry season and underscored the need for the individual to consume at least eight glasses of water a day to remain hydrated.

Madam Adzornu who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview said moist foods such as soups and porridge must dominate menus, and added that daily consumption of fruits and vegetables strengthened the immune system, whiles preventing respiratory tract infections, which often resulted due to increased pathogens in the dusty atmosphere.

She said proper food hygiene must be considered, and asked consumers of street foods to patronize vendors who operated in clean surroundings, and avoid cold meals.

Madam Adzornu advised parents to ensure kids had nutritious and wholesome homemade foods in school, and asked them to replace unhealthy snacks and sweets with fruits and more water.

She also called on nursing mothers to breastfeed babies at regular intervals, and stressed on good hygienic practices which included hand washing with soap at all times.

Madam Adzornu said air-borne infections spread easier with the fast winds of the dry season, and advised the public against open sneezing and spitting around.

Source: GNA

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