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CSE Brouhaha: No ‘Gays’ Here! – OccuppyGhana Warns Gov’t


Pressure group Occupy Ghana has charged the government to clarify what it says are “apparent contradictions” in statements and actions of its officials regarding Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum.

The group wants government to be definite “on whether such a curriculum is to be implemented at all, and if so what the content would be, is at the heart of the confusion that is festering.”

In a statement issued on yesterday, OccupyGhana specifically wanted a definite position of the government on the introduction of a CSE curriculum in public schools across the country, among other concerns.

“It should be clear to the government that Ghanaians will not accept any CSE or other initiatives that are suspected or believed to be the work of any foreign bodies, and which does not reflect our cultural and religious values and public concerns.”

It said, “We believe that the education of Ghana’s future leaders in relevant subject areas is necessary to build a holistic character in them.”

The statement further recalled “However, we have seen video footage dated February 2019 in which the minister referred to some guidelines and was emphatic that sexuality education should be part of the curricula to be launched in September 2019 “all the way from Kindergarten to Senior High School.”

It noted that “This, we believe, was at a program held in Accra where Ghana and UNESCO announced the launch of a CSE program called “Our right, Our lives, Our future (O3),” the implementation of which was reported to have already started in 2018.

It said further in paragraph 369 of the 2019 Budget Statement, the Finance Minister announced that the National Population Council and “other stakeholders” had collaborated to develop CSE guidelines “for incorporation into the national education curriculum,” and making reference to the National Condom Strategy.

Much earlier in June 2017, the group argued that the Ministry of Education participated in the launch of the comprehensive sexuality education manual for young people titled “KnowItOwnItLiveIt,” a product of the Planned Parents Association of Ghana (PPAG) and Marie Stopes International Ghana (MSIG).

We note that the GES also participated in the launch and were reported to be developing content for the project.

The pressure group said although there is no evidence that this document would be considered or treated as part of any proposed curriculum, it is difficult to divorce the circumstances surrounding its launch from the current discussions.

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